Tablet: Funding urgently needed for ordinariate

5 01 2012

To assist with this appeal, please visit the website of the Friends of the Ordinariate.

From the Tablet:

A 10 per cent levy will be charged to each ordinariate group in order to support the funding of the new structure. Mgr John Broadhurst, who is in charge of finance for the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, said the levy will fund the group’s central administration.

Writing in the ordinariate magazine, The Portal, he said many groups had not yet come forward with the contribution they had promised to make, and the need for more funds was “now extremely urgent”.

The group has to support its 60 clergy, many of whom are married with families, although Mgr Broadhurst said some ordinariate priests are being paid by their local dioceses.