Bishop Kevin Vann looks forward to US Ordinariate

30 12 2011

Bishop Kevin Vann writes:

Yesterday was the sixth day of Christmas and the feast day of St. Thomas Becket. This morning, like every morning, the Church prays, “The Dawn from on High Shall break upon us” in the Benedictus (The Canticle of Morning Prayer) of Morning Prayer. Indeed the Dawn of the light of another day breaks upon us. So does the light of Christ again in this octave of His Birth. The dawn from on high is about to break upon us in a new year of grace and it is also about to break upon us in a new chapter of the life of the Church in the United States. As with the New Year, there is anticipation of the dawn of the Anglican Ordinariate. For those who have been waiting in hope, this is much like another Advent. As we await the dawn, it would be well to have some words from St. Thomas Becket (1118-1170) for us. His life and witness is not at all unconnected (although more remotely) with the heritage of Faith of the English Church in the United States which will find itself in ecclesial communion again with the See of Peter at the dawn of a new year. I believe his words are words for those in waiting:

“Remember then how our Fathers worked out their salvation; remember the sufferings through which the Church has grown, and the storms the ship of Peter has weathered because it has Christ on board. Remember how the crown was attained by those whose sufferings gave new radiance to their faith. The whole company of saints bears witness to the unfailing truth that without real effort no one wins the crown.” (From the Office of Readings, December 29th, a letter by St.Thomas Becket, bishop)

Words of Faith for those in anticipation, and words of Faith for the new year, the new dawn, and the new day of ecclesial communion for the Church in the United States.

As we pray, watch and wait, more to come!
Venite, Adoremus Dominum!