Rocco Palmo on today’s USCCB Plenary

15 11 2011

Rocco Palmo writes:

With several Anglican groups already received into full communion on these shores, Cardinal Donald Wuerl is slated to give the most definitive update yet on the Stateside implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus at around 2pm Eastern today.

While several sources appraised of the project’s progress have urged paying “very, very close attention” to the contents of the DC cardinal/CDF delegate’s report, late word from one op tips the erection of an Ordinariate for these shores’ traveling groups to finally take place “at the cusp” of the New Year.

Shortly after its start, a US jurisdiction for former Episcopalians in the Catholic fold is expected to number around 2,000 faithful and some 100 clergy, with even more currently “biding their time” likely to come in a second wave once the Ordinariate is up and running.