SCO: Cardinal Wuerl on Ordinariate developments

20 10 2011

Cardinal Donald Wuerl, Archbishop of Washington and Episcopal Delegate of the USCCB for the implementation of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus, recently spoke to the Scottish Catholic Observer regarding the erection of Personal Ordinariates for those from the Anglican tradition:


Cardinal Wuerl was interested to discover that the Scottish hierarchy welcomed the first Scottish Episcopal Church clergy conversion under the personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham earlier this year when Bishop Philip Tartaglia of Paisley ordained Fr Len Black at St Mary’s, Greenock. As Vatican delegate for the US ordinariate, he has been watching developments in the UK with great interest and he is confident that the establishment of the US ordinariate is imminent this autumn.

“I am hoping that it will happen in this calendar year that an ordinariate will be announced,” the cardinal said. “There will be a time lag between the Holy See announcing that it intends to establish an ordinariate and the actual date of its implementation but I am still hopeful that, before this year is out, a US ordinariate will be established.

“We are moving forward with the examination of the case of at least 100 clergy and several thousand Anglicans who want to come into the Catholic Church as groups,” the cardinal said. “In two weeks time I will be receiving an entire parish into the Church and confirming around 120 people. This is being done in anticipation of the ordinariate.”

A great deal of work has already been done in the US on the ordinariate, he told the SCO, and this work, supported by the US Bishops’ Conference, will lead to formally setting up the US ordinariate.

“We have had wonderful accord between the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, and its bishop, and our archdiocese,” he added before confirming that the discussions have included plans for the transfer of property.



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