The Revd Andrew Bartus: What to call us?

1 09 2011
The Revd Andrew Bartus writes at the Anglican Patrimony blog:
Jimmy Akin was asked the question, on his latest podcast, what are former Anglicans in the forthcoming Ordinariate to be called? This is a good question to figure out, especially if we have another Ordinariate formed for members of SSPX. Jimmy rightly points out that there are other Anglicans outside full communion with the Holy See who identify themselves as “Anglican Catholics” so continuing that name, while certainly more true for those within the Ordinariate than those who are not in communion with Rome, only further confuses things. So “Anglican Catholic” and “Ordinariate Catholic” are terms which have little to no permanence for us. What then shall we be called?
How about: Anglican Use Catholics? It makes sense liturgically, as we do worship in the Roman Rite but according to the Anglican Use. It makes sense juridically, as the current diocesan Anglican Use parishes will be the first parishes within the Ordinariate and the Ordinariate is the long-awaited home they’ve been looking for. It makes sense ecclesiologically, as Anglicans are really Roman Rite Christians who’ve been separated in schism and have worshipped for centuries according to a liturgical form that is rooted in the Roman Rite still; the Book of Divine Worship – and it’s future Ordinariate liturgy – is the canonical regularization of it.
So, I propose we simply continue and expand the nature of the identity of the term “Anglican Use” for the future, rather than ditch the term which makes the most sense on all levels.
My plan for Blessed John Henry Newman, is to, Lord willing, have it be known on the sign as: Blessed John Henry Newman Catholic Church. Then under that title, it will say, “Anglican Use – Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of the Atonement.” And just for good measure, the Papal Keys =)