Matthew Alderman comments on Fr Nichols’ Toronto address

6 07 2011

Matthew Alderman writes at the New Liturgical Movement:

While I have followed the formation of the Ordinariates and their nascent liturgical patrimony with great enthusiasm, I have avoided comment on the subject primarily because my own understanding of the subject tends to fall into the category of “a little learning is a dangerous thing.” However, I think I cannot do too much inadvertent damage by passing on this intriguing article by Fr. Nichols on the subject, the conclusion of a three-part talk he gave at the recent Anglicanorum Coetibus Conference held in Canada.

I will restrict myself to two remarks: First, from what I can gleam from the comments, it appears that Fr. Nichols is speaking principally from the point of view of the Ordinariates in England; the situation in the other ordinariates, liturgically, may be rather different, to the point some are suggesting there may be two separate Ordinariate liturgies approved by Rome, derived respectively from the Prayer Book and the other from the Anglican missal tradition. This is the first time I have heard this, but it seems plausible. (Another post on the subject at The Anglo-Catholic can be found here, with some commentary by Bishop Elliott.) Not being an expert on the subject, I will only say we will only know for sure when the actual texts are approved–though in view of the persons involved and the general ambiance in Rome, I think we have much to look forward to, whatever is promulgated.