Catholic Herald: The Church is refreshed

10 06 2011

This week’s Catholic Herald contains an article on the ordinations in Southwark last weekend and this Editorial:

This will be a joyful Pentecost for the new Catholics of the ordinariate – for one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is the ordination as Catholic priests of over 50 former Anglican pastors. We welcome these new clergy with special warmth because, for all of them, leaving the Church of England has involved sacrifice and uncertainty, especially for those who are married with families. Archbishop Peter Smith recognised this in his homily at the ordination of seven priests in St George’s Cathedral on Saturday. “The journey you have followed under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to seek full communion with the Catholic Church has cost you and your people a great deal already,” he said. “But you know well that, like all disciples, you have been called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ – and that is the way of Calvary, the way of the cross. You know from your experience that is not an easy way, but if followed faithfully and generously it is the way which leads to the Resurrection and the fullness of life and love.” That is beautifully put. The foundation of the ordinariate is not just an experience of mass conversion; it is also a movement towards Christ and a refreshing of His Church.