ARCIC III: Vatican Radio interview on Ordinariate

19 05 2011

Monsignor Mark Langham and the Revd Canon Dr Alyson Barnett-Cowan speak about ARCIC III and the Ordinariate during a Vatican Radio interview. The relevant parts of that interview can be found transcribed below:

Interviewer: In the Anglican-Catholic world, the situation is slightly complicated now by the setting-up of the new Ordinariate for former Anglicans, now Catholics – some of them Catholic priests. Is this likely to affect the work of your next phase of the ARCIC dialogue?

Mgr Mark Langham: We’ve always said that the path of traditional ecumenical dialogue is a different path from that of individual or group conversion: the Vatican council itself makes that clear in its document on ecumenism. And so we don’t see our work lying within that framework of the Ordinariate – it’s a different issue. Our work is to stress the traditional relationship between the two traditions – between Anglicans and Roman Catholics – that has been expressed over forty years in ARCIC. And so, though the Ordinariate is an extremely aspect of the landscape in the relationship between the two churches, it won’t in itself be something which comes into our discussions.

Interviewer: How is [the Ordinariate] likely to affect the climate at the talks?

Dr Alyson BarnettCowan: I’m trusting that it’s not going to affect the climate very much at the talks themselves. Much of the talk about the Ordinariate has been speculation and not based on what’s actually going ahead and the Ordinariate per se is not actually the topic for the theological dialogue – we will have an opportunity on one of the evenings, informally, to update everyone with what’s actually going on and at this stage that really falls in the court of the Episcopal Conferences, and their discussions with local Anglicans about how the Ordinariate will be put into place. So I think we can probably note that, and put it on the shelf and get on with the work that’s to be done between us.