Plymouth Herald: CofE clergy make switch to Catholicism

11 05 2011

From the Plymouth Herald:

South West clergy have been ordained into the Roman Catholic Church following their move from the Church of England. Four of the six clergy being ordained were, until two months ago, full time Church of England ministers. The clergy were ordained by Bishop Christopher Budd in Plymouth’s Roman Catholic cathedral following increased tensions in the Anglican Church. Their decision to move to the Roman Catholic Church comes after Pope Benedict XVI created ‘the Ordinariate’ – a section of the Catholic Church specifically for Anglican priests.

Friar [sic] Chinery, who was one of the clergy being ordained, said: “We believe that the Church of England has departed from traditional teachings in a number of ways and that it is no longer taking the churches’ tradition but is rather following the ways of the world. “The churches’ governing body are making decisions off their own back rather than the teachings of the church.” Ex-Church of England worshippers are also expected to follow in the clergy’s footsteps. Their decision to move to the Catholic Church will mean many of the clergy must give up their homes and guaranteed incomes.

Friar Chinery added: “It was a quiet and intimate service and we were all very happy.”