Fr Tim Finigan on SSPX statement

6 05 2011

Fr Tim Finigan comments on the SSPX statement regarding the Ordinariate:

Of the reservations, I think that the first and second will prove unfounded. All of the former Anglicans that I know are absolutely sound on the question of the visible Church, and have no truck with sola scriptura. People who do not live in England often fail to realise that the Church of England encompasses a ludicrously broad spectrum of belief, and that the anglo-Catholics who are actually willing to come into Communion with Rome have professed the Catholic faith for years, taking their lead from the magisterium. What has happened basically is that there is no longer any possibility of preserving the myth that communion with the Catholic Church can exist within the Anglican communion.
On the third reservation, relating to celibacy, I can see the danger that is alluded to, but I think that too will dissipate. However I think that we do need to be vigilant on this matter, so that married clergy continue to be considered a charitable exception granted by the Holy See for particular cases.

Most importantly, though, this notice from the SSPX is a significant gesture of welcome and reflects very well on the Society.