Holy Week Receptions: Report from Sevenoaks

22 04 2011

Ivan Aquilina writes:

God in His infinite mercy has brought us to this day. It is indeed a great group of people that James and I have had the privilege to walk with in these last months. The Holy Spirit has led us to the Upper Room, to the washing of the feet, to the breaking of the bread. There where the twelve gathered with Jesus, we are gathered too and now, thanks be to God, we are in communion with Peter and the Apostolic College. In that Upper Room we too have experienced the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

The Mass was well attended, Fr Harvey preached about the imitation of Christ the Servant King. It was moving to see wave after wave of people coming up to be received in the Catholic Church through the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. There was joy, there was peace, as different people from the group and from St Thomas’ said to me: “It felt right”. True it is right. Now we are one with Peter, we are Catholics – thanks be to God.

Then we walked with Jesus and the Twelve to the Garden, the place of intimate prayer-the school of learning how to be children of God. Today marked for us a post, and a significant one for that, but it also leads us into a journey of prayer, a road to the Cross and to an empty tomb, and beyond. But now we are equipped with the Holy Spirit, we continue our journey in trust and joy.

I am truly humbled to be called to lead this group. Your courage so far and your joy tonight overwhelm me. I am also moved by the welcome we received.  Thank you to the people of St Thomas and to Fr Harvey.

And now we pray for Benedict our Pope, Keith our Ordinary as we joyfully continue the washing of the feet.