Holy Week Receptions: Report from Oxford

22 04 2011

John Whitehead, at his blog Once I was a clever boy writes:

Yesterday evening I attended the Mass of reception for members of the Oxford group of the Ordinariate which was celebrated by Mgr Burnham at the Oxford Oratory.

I have been going along to the preparatory meetings on Saturdays, and here is a picture taken the other week of members of the group together with Mgr Burnham and several of us who were there in support: I was asked to act as pro-sponsor for a couple, Arthur and Sylvia, from the Derby group who are currently staying near Oxford and were also received last night at the Mass. This was a great privilege which I was happy to fulfill.

Mgr Burnham had explained last weekend that hev sought to have a liturgy that conveyed a sense of what the Ordinariate can both share with and bring to the wider Church. So there was more than might be usual of the Anglican tradition of congregational singing with an offertory hymn, but also beautifully sung Gregorian chant for the Kyries, Sanctus, Benedictus and Agnus Dei – which bodes well for their Saturday evening Vigil mass at Pusey House after Easter.

Amongst those being received were several friends from St Thomas here in Oxford, and James Bradley was on hand to take photographs, which will doubtless appear when he has time from his own hectic schedule of receptions, on his Flickr website. [Ed – the photos are here]

There is more information about the Group and its liturgical programme for the next few months here.

Please continue to pray for all those received last night or over this Easter, and for the success of this significant Papal initiative.