Joanna Bogle at the Tunbridge Wells reception

20 04 2011

Joanna Bogle writes:

And in the evening to Tunbridge Wells, for the Reception into full communion with the Catholic Church, of an Ordinariate group. Some 70 people were being recieved at this Mass, and Hayley, the young wife of the former Anglican and soon-to-be-RC priest who is leading the group, had asked me to be her sponsor. It was an unforgettable moment standing there, my hand on her shoulder, as she was anointed.

The Anglican Patrimony includes, of course, glorious hymns, and we finished the Mass with a rousing one honouring Mary, as the candles glowed alongside her statue: Our Lady of Walsingham, under whose name and protection the new Ordinariate has been established.

The local Catholic parish had turned out in good numbers, and there was a youthful, welcoming, and warm atmosphere as the crowd poured out of the church and into the hall for drinks…later, a long late talkative supper, so much to discuss and mull over…