Jeffrey Steel: A Warm Welcome

20 04 2011

From De cura animarum, the blog of Jeffrey Steel who is, himself, a former Anglican:

Yesterday I attended the Chrism Mass at Westminster and it was truly a blessed occasion. It was two years ago around this time that I was in Rome praying and making my decision to come into full communion with the Catholic Church. I remember the great joy of being received and the feeling of freedom that really came upon me at my reception was an experience of liberation. What was most moving to us was the very warm reception we received from the Catholic community and the genuine rejoicing and sharing in our joyful moment.

While at the Chrism Mass at Westminster, I was moved by the number of former Anglican clergy and laity who were present for the Mass. Some were there who had just been received and others who are to be received this week. I know the joy and some of the uncertainties that many may be experiencing this week. All I can say, from our experience, is that it has been the best decision ever made in our spiritual journey. It is truly a homecoming experience and after a while, eyes will remain fully focused looking forward and looking back will become an altogether different experience as you reflect on the journeys you are making. As a Catholic convert who received a very generous and warm welcome from the Catholic family may I humbly say WELCOME HOME to all of you in the Ordinariate! God bless you and I pray you have a very happy and holy Easter season. Well done!



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