Sevenoaks Ordinariate: Allen Hall

18 03 2011

The Sevenoaks Ordinariate blog comments on the first session of formation for Ordinariate-bound clergy at Allen Hall, Chelsea:

What a warm and great welcome we received at Allen Hall! What a splendid programme for formation in the coming weeks. The Rector Mgr O’Toole, Fr Stephen Wang and the Seminarians have worked hard indeed and pulled all the stops to make us welcome.

The day opened with a plenary from Fr Stephen during which our Ordinary announced that the Holy Father has appointed him as a Protonotary Apostolic with the title of Monsignor. The same title is also given to Frs Broadhurst and Burnham as Prelates of Honour of the Holy See. What great news indeed; and this blog was the first to announce it!

After the introductory session Mass was celebrated in the chapel. Mgr Newton presided, Mgrs Burnham and Broadhurst concelebrated as did Mgr Mark O’Toole, the Rector and Fr Stephen Wang. Mass was followed by a delicios and jovial lunch at the start of which the staff and seminarians, following their tradition, sung Ad Multos Annos to the new Monsignori. It was a very moving moment indeed.

After lunch and question time Dr Clare Watkins led a very engaging session about the background and main characteristics of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church”. A nice cup of coffee continued the fellowship and saw us on our way home as we look forward to our next session on Tuesday.

All are very grateful for this day and earnest for the coming sessions. Please keep this group in your prayers.