Rocco Palmo on Rite of Election

16 03 2011

Catholic journalist and blogger, Rocco Palmo, writes:

[…] Above all, though, this year’s Rites were especially significant — not to mention significantly well-covered — across the Pond as the first major wave of Anglicans taking B16 up on Anglicanorum coetibus were received at the ceremonies in their respective dioceses.

The 900 or so faithful swimming the Tiber to the newly-established Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham made for a record-setting convert class for the church in England and Wales — which, all told, will add some 4,700 to the fold come Easter. (The English Ordinariate’s head, the former Anglican bishop Fr Keith Newton, is shown above foreground, participating in the welcome in Westminster Cathedral.)

Of course, the record class’ reception likewise comes six months since B16’s wildly successful State Visit to the UK, in whose immediate aftermath the diocesan phone-lines for those inquiring about the faith were said to have been inundated with calls.

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