Southwark: Ordinariate Groups are welcomed in our churches

10 03 2011

From the Archdiocese of Southwark website:

Ash Wednesday is a very significant day for those joining the Ordinariate. Today, an estimated 600 Anglicans with at least 20 members of their clergy throughout England and Wales formally join the newly established Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham and are welcomed in Catholic churches. They look forward to entering into full communion with the Catholic Church during Holy Week.

The largest number of those entering the Ordinariate come from South-East England. In the Southwark diocese six groups have joined.

We welcome them warmly, understanding the heart-searching that many of them will have gone through as they continue their journey of faith.

We keep in our prayers:

  • the Beckenham & Bromley Ordinariate Group: Rev Simon Heans and a group from St Barnabas’, Beckenham
  • the Folkestone Ordinariate Group: Rev Stephen Bould and a group from St Peter’s, Folkestone
  • the East Kent Ordinariate Group: Rev Christopher Lindlar and a group from St Andrew’s, Deal
  • the London South Ordinariate Group: a group from St Agnes’, Kennington Park
  • the Sevenoaks Ordinariate Group: Rev Ivan Aquilina, Deacon James Bradley and a group from St John the Baptist’s, Sevenoaks
  • the Tunbridge Wells Ordinariate Group: Rev Edward Tomlinson and a group from St Barnabas’, Tunbridge Wells.

Archbishop Peter is expected to ordain seven former Anglican clergy to the Diaconate during Eastertide and six of these to the Priesthood by Pentecost.