Peterborough Ordinariate Group

18 01 2011

We have been asked to publicise a letter from Fr Anthony Reader-Moore asking that any “in the Northampton/ Kettering/Wellingborough area, both clergy and laity” who are interested in the Ordinariate should contact him.

His email address is tonyreadermoore[at]

Here is the contents of the letter:

Dear Friends,

The Ordinariate

As I am sure you know, under the provisions of the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, the Ordinariate in England has now come into existence as from January 15th.  A number of Anglican parishes, mainly in London and the South, have already decided to be part of this, including the five bishops and about fifty clergy who earlier announced their decision to leave the Church of England.  At present, no PCCs in our area have indicated an active interest in doing the same thing and as far as one can tell will, at least for the time being, continue to be part of the Diocese of Peterborough.  However, there may be a number of individuals in the Northampton/ Kettering/Wellingborough area, both clergy and laity, who are seriously interested in eventually becoming part of the Ordinariate if the means can be found for them to do so, and who would consider the possibility of forming an ‘extra-parochial’ group for that purpose.  I would like to invite anyone in that position to get in touch with me either by letter or email by 31st January 2011 at the latest, but preferably much sooner, so that we can assess how much definite interest exists.

If such a group is to be formed, it has to have at least a minimum of thirty people to be viable, although nearer forty would clearly be better.  Such a group, once properly constituted for the purpose and under the pastoral care of a priest, such as myself, who will definitely be making his own personal submission, might then petition for inclusion in the Ordinariate with a view to that coming about sometime in the summer or autumn of this year.  If you need to find out more about the process, please see Bishop Peter Elliot’s article in the December issue of New Directions or go to where all the relevant documents and updates can be found.

I am writing to you in my personal capacity and without prejudice.  I know that for all sorts of good reasons many people will not wish to take this step, at least not at the present time.  I completely accept and respect that and if this applies to you, then please ignore this letter.  However, if like me, you feel that, in order to be true to the Catholic Faith, one has no alternative but to seek a new spiritual home, then I would be very glad to hear from you soon, after which I will contact you again.  It may be that we can travel this road together.  Whatever your position, I hope you will first pray about it and that whether you stay in or leave the Church of England as such, we can continue as friends, always knowing ourselves to be first of all brothers and sisters in Christ.

With every blessing,

Fr Anthony Reader-Moore SSC