Fr Hugh, OSB: The Ordinariate and Triumphalism

18 01 2011

From Fr Hugh, OSB of Douai Abbey:

Obviously this will be challenging time for the Anglican Communion and good Catholics will not wish to be anything but gracious and charitable. At the same time, we have no need to apologise, nor should we fear a joyful and exuberant celebration of both these first ordinations, and also the receptions and ordinations to come in the next 6 months and beyond.

The Ordinariate is the fruition of honest ecumenism. The Catholic Church does not enter into ecumenical dialogue for mere chit-chat and a warm inner glow. The Church aims to bring our separated brethren back into the Church by means of ecumenical dialogue, demonstrating to them the truth of Catholic teaching and its claims to authentic authority. Fathers Keith, John and Andrew are the first-fruits of a new and potentially large ecumenical harvest of reconciliation to the Church. For this we must rejoice, and not say sorry, nor feel embarrassed. Our Lord was neither apologetic nor coy when he declared that he was sent to the lost sheep of Israel (Matt 15:24). It was not his exclusive mission, nor is it the Church’s exclusive mission. But it is a real part of its mission and now that it bears much fruit we should rejoice.

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