Norbertines: Ut unum sint

16 01 2011

From the Norbertine Vocations blog:

“The leaping flames from the torch dispelled the fog, and the people stood in the splendour of the noonday sun. ‘That torch’, said the one beside me, ‘is the Catholic Faith, which is going to light up England’” – St. Dominic Savio’s vision of England

The Norbertine community at St. Philip’s Priory rejoices with the whole Church at the ordination today of Fathers John Broadhurst, Andrew Burnham and Keith Newton; former Anglican clergymen who are the first-fruits of the new Ordinariate erected by our Holy Father for former Anglicans seeking communion with the Vicar of Christ. Our superior, Father Hugh had the joy and privilege to be at Westminister Cathedral together with a great number of the faithful to show support to these courageous men. May Our Lord bless them in their ministry and all who will follow them.

The community is already helping some local Anglicans contemplating joining the Ordinariate and if ever we can be of assistance to others please do not hesitate to contact us.

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