Bishop Robert Mercer on the Ordinariate

14 01 2011

From an article on ENI News:

Robert Mercer, the former Bishop of Matabeleland (Zimbabwe) and former bishop of the Anglican Catholic Church in Canada, said he sees the pope’s move as a step toward reconciliation.

“I’m a great enthusiast for what is going to happen on Saturday … Off and on over 400 years, the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches have talked in a pretty desultory way about reconciliation. Now it is happening. I will cross to Rome as soon as I hear from the Vatican. No one can say how many Anglicans will do likewise but this is the start,” Mercer told ENInews in an interview.

“The present pope … is a revolutionary and this is a revolutionary thing he is doing,” Mercer added. “It’s the logical outcome of the 19th century’s Oxford Movement.” The movement stated that Anglicanism along with Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism form three branches of the one Catholic church.

Mercer said the pope is expected to appoint a leader of the new ordinariate later this month.

He said that in recent years Anglicans had pursued a path that had made reconciliation with Rome difficult. He included support from the “liberal wing” of the Church of England for gay marriages, the ordination of women as priests and what he called “extreme feminism that turns God into a mother figure and Jesus as a daughter. In other words, what they have been doing is a revolt against the universal Christian tradition.”

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