William Oddie: Some senior Anglicans wish they could strangle the ordinariate at birth

12 01 2011

From the Catholic Herald:

…But they cannot: this is an idea whose time has come

The ordinariate is proceeding at a deliberate pace which shows more and more that this is no distant pipe dream, but a present reality. It will have endless problems, of course. One of them is buildings. The first priority is to find what is being called a “principal church” which will serve a similar function to a diocesan cathedral. According to Fr Marcus Stock: “They will need a place to meet, to have meetings and gather as a group. Not a cathedral as such, but a principal church, it’s called in the constitution, where the members of the ordinariate can gather for the celebration of liturgies and where the ordinary will be based.” This will have accommodation for the ordinary and, presumably, office space for his, well, Curia, I suppose you could call it, why not?

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