Chant Café: The Ordinariate

12 01 2011


The Catholic Herald has printed a statement by Archbishop Nichols (of Westminster) on the ordination of 3 former Anglican bishops to the Catholic priesthood and the creation of the Ordinariate. Amongst traditonal bloggers there has been a buzz of excitement about the anticipated influx of more traditional “Anglo-Catholics” into the church. I am not quite so sure I share their optimism just yet.

When I lived in west London I sang at Our Lady of Victories and at the Dominican Abbey in Hampstead. A few hundred yards up the road is a Victorian Pugin masterpiece of a church which was in the Anglo-Catholic movement. I got to know a couple of people there and every so often on a Sunday evening would pop my head in for the chance to sing a bit of chant. Having seen an Anglo-Catholic parish in action I have my doubts about the extent to which there will either be mass conversion or easy integration, and here is why.

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