Reluctant Sinner Blog: “Be sure to turn up early”

11 01 2011

From the Reluctant Sinner blog:

There is a real buzz in the air around the Catholic circles of central London as the Church prepares to move into a new chapter of her history. The setting up of the English Ordinariate, which will be created by Papal decree this week, and its springing into action with the ordination of three former Anglican bishops as Catholic priests on Saturday, is beginning (at last!) to be spoken of as a great “historic moment”. I have heard that many cautious Catholic priests are now looking forward with immense joy to the prospect that the Catholic Church in these isles is seriously reconnecting with its ancient English roots.


On Saturday, Westminster Cathedral will be packed – and I mean packed – for the 10:30am Mass. Three brave men, having sacrificed all that was once dear to them, will finally become the priests that God always wanted them to be. They will fall prostrate before God, before the holy mountain, in the presence of the angels, and will be called to unite themselves to Christ – who brought peace by the blood of his Cross. On Saturday, those who possess the deeper eyes of faith might feel the presence of Saints Gregory the Great and Augustine of Canterbury amongst the bishops, priests and countless lay people. Surely, these two men will want to witness this miracle, which will lead the Catholic Church back to its ancient roots in this land, and away from the precipice of aimlessness. They will also wish to rejoice that the English people will, once more, be given this rare opportunity to be called sons of Peter, and children of the Most High. Catholicism will no longer be a refugee in its own land, and many new people will find a safe-haven in the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church.

So… About Saturday itself. If you’re planning on being at the ordination Mass, be sure to come early. I have heard that many people want to be there for this extraordinary event – many travelling from other parts of the country. One friend has been told by a priest involved in the planning of the Mass that he should get to the Cathedral by 10am at the latest!

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