Kathweb.at on the Ordinariate

11 01 2011

From the website of the Austrian Catholic News Agency, Kathweb:

The President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, has confirmed that the world’s first “personal ordinariate” for Anglicans wishing to convert will soon be established. The establishment by the CDF will happen “on the 15th January or shortly before”, according to a statement by the Bishops’ Conference published on Thursday. At the same time, he officially announced the ordinations of the three former Anglican bishops John Broadhurst (Fulham), Keith Newton (Richborough) and Andrew Burnham (Ebbstfleet) on 15h January in Westminster Cathedral. “These three will be the first Catholic priests of the new Ordinariate”, said Nichols.

Nichols further underlined that this would be a “unique” and “historic moment in the life of the Church”. The Catholic Church welcomes the new priests with open arms, but he also acknowledged the “painful departures” and “uncertainties” with which they and other wishing to enter the Ordinariate would have to struggle.

Nichols additionally welcomed the “sensitive leadership” of the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, who had, through his open attitude to those seeking to join the Ordinariate, displayed a “noble spirit of true ecumenism”.

The establishment of the Ordinariate is made possible by the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum Coetibus, published in November 2009. This effected a new canonical structure within the Catholic Church, in which it would be made possible for Anglican faithful, priests and bishops to enter into the full communion of the Catholic Church, whilst at the same time keeping certain traditions. The Ordinariates will be officiall erected through the CDF. Each Ordinary, who will also be a member of the national Bishops’ Conference in question, will be named by the Pope.

As Broadhurst stressed in conversation with “Kathpress”, one of the greatest challenges facing the new Ordinariate is the question of finance. This step is made almost impossible for younger priests seeking to enter the Ordinariate, since they would lose at a stroke their present income, paid by the Anglican Church, fruther contribution to their pensions, and their tied accommodation.

Broadhurst, Newton and Burnham converted to the Catholic Church in a ceremony in Westminster Cathedral on New Year’s Day, which generated much interest. With them were their wives [the wives of two of the bishops. Ed.] as well as three Anglican nuns.

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