Austen Ivereigh: Interview with Fr Marcus Stock

11 01 2011

From America Magazine:

Following this morning’s publication by the bishops of England and Wales of a detailed Q&A about the forthcoming Ordinariate – see previous post – I sat down with the bishops’ conference secretary-general, Fr Marcus Stock (pictured here with Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster) for a discussion of some of the issues. 

I began by asking Fr Marcus if he saw the Ordinariate of England and Wales as a model for future ordinariates elsewhere in the English-speaking world.

“It’s certainly the case that perhaps many of the practical issues that they have faced here will help future ordinariates abroad, but because local situations vary so much in terms of ownership of buildings, trusts, etc. — the set-up of the Anglican Church is very different here from Canada or Australia – it always has to be adapted. It’s not an off-the-shelf model.”

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