Church Times on Wikileaks

17 12 2010

From the Church Times:

Diplomatic fears that the creation of the Ordinariate might lead to violence against Roman Catholics in the UK are “completely wrong” and a misreading of the situation, said one of the Bishops leaving the Church of England.


Mr Campbell is also reported to have said that the Pope’s move to establish the Ordinariate had placed Dr Williams in an “impossible situation”, and that Anglican-Roman Catholic relations were now facing their worst crisis in 150 years. Bishop Burnham said he thought that Dr Williams had been “put in a difficult position”: “It is my under­standing that he had thought that the Ordinariate — which he was given warning of — was for Angli­cans in other countries rather than in the UK.” He said that the Ordinariate was going to start “very gently” in the UK next year, however, with only a “couple of dozen” groups.

“There are a few pioneering groups, who will be small in num­ber; but, once [they are] established, there will be people who want to join them. But I don’t think it will do any dam­age to the Church of England or the Roman Catholic Church.”

Mr Campbell has refused to comment on the leaks.

The RC author and broad­caster Clifford Longley told BBC Radio 4’s Sunday programme that Mr Camp­bell was “a man with his feet on the ground — he might have been making a joke.” Mr Longley said that rifts between the Anglican and RC Churches had moved on since these cables were written: “This was all before the Papal visit this year, and in many respects the visit of Pope Benedict did help to heal that rift.”


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