Cardinal Wuerl on the Ordinariate

17 12 2010

H.E. Donald, Cardinal Wuerl gave an interview to his Archdiocesan newspaper about his role as delegate for the US Ordinariate (h/t The Anglo-Catholic). Whilst much of what he says is naturally to do with the US scene, some of his comments are applicable to the Ordinariate project as a whole:

What was your reaction to the appointment?

Cardinal Wuerl: “I recognized that this response on the part of the Holy See to the persistent requests over a long period of time provides an opportunity for a truly pastoral response on the part of the Church here in the United States. While this work can be challenging, it’s the fruit of the Spirit.”

What gifts will [the] Anglican communities bring to the Catholic Church?

Cardinal Wuerl: “Retaining the Anglican tradition that is so dear to these communities in a way is replicated and found in churches already in full communion with the Catholic Church. We have many Eastern Churches with their traditions and liturgies, such as Ukrainian, Maronite, Melkite, Ruthenian, the Malabar and Malankar Churches. All of these churches have parishes where that richness and diversity are reflected in unity of faith in one Church. The former Anglican communities, I believe, will enrich the Church.”

On the day before the Consistory, Pope Benedict and the world’s cardinals discussed a number of key issues, including the implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus. What insights did you gain from the discussion on this issue?

Cardinal Wuerl: “In the course of the discussion presided over by our Holy Father, there was vocal support for the implementation of Anglicanorum coetibus. It was pointed out that in the catechesis surrounding the implementation of this apostolic constitution, there would be ample opportunity also for Catholics to renew their understanding of important elements of the faith, such as the nature of the Church, the significance of the petrine office, the role of the Magisterium, or teaching office of the Church, and the sacramental nature of the Church. Many of these aspects of our faith have faded from the awareness of some Catholics today, thus, the discussion I found to be a helpful reminder of the catechetical mission we have, not just to those coming into the Catholic Church but to those who are already members of the Church.”