Catholic Truth Society: Evangelium and the Ordinariate

13 12 2010

The Catholic Truth Society is very pleased to hear today that the Evangelium course of formation in Catholic faith and moral teaching is being used to prepare Anglicans wishing to become incorporated into the Catholic Church through the Ordinariates established by Pope Benedict.

In a question-and-answer session with Archbishops Vincent Nichols and Peter Smith, and Bishop Alan Hopes, set up to look at the Ordinariate Constitution, Bishop Alan revealed that the CTS course is playing a crucial role in orientating those laypeople seeking full communion:

“Those who are contemplating this move have actually been encouraged to begin their preparation already, and they started off in the middle of September and the beginning of October, and they’ve been studying the Evangelium course, which looks at Catholic doctrine, Catholic ethical matters, prayer, scripture and so on. And they’ve been working through that solidly each week. So their clergy have been doing that with them, we hope, and that will continue until the beginning of Lent. And then in Lent, already a course is being put together to help them with their sacramental preparation for reception into the Church at Easter.”

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