Catholic League publishes free special Anglicanorum Coetibus volume

10 12 2010

The Catholic League, an ecumenical society based in England, founded in 1913 to promote the unity of Christians, has published a 300 page edition of its journal, The Messenger, to mark the publication and implementation of the Apostolic Constitution, Anglicanorum Coetibus. The Catholic League, has pledged to “assist the establishment and development of an Ordinariate in England” seeing it as the “consummation” of the work of the League, which has worked toward the unity of Anglicans and Catholics since its inception.

The special edition of The Messenger, comprising 300 pages on issues of Patrimony, Unity and Mission , is available free of charge to all bona fide enquirers.  It is available from the Secretary, David Chapman, c/o St Paul’s Bookshop, Morpeth Terrace, London SW1P 1EP, beside Westminster Cathedral. A donation is requested to cover postal charges where applicable.

Here is the list of contents and contributors.

[Ed: This is an excellent collection and is well worth having.  Please be generous in assisting with postage and packaging.  I am told the first run of 1000 copies has already run out, a second run is nearing its end and we want the League to be able to support the Ordinariates without going bankrupt on P&P costs first!]



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