Audio of Ordinariate Exploration at St Mary of the Angels, Hollywood

7 12 2010

This post will be updated as more audio files become available.

Part 1: 4 December 2010 at St Mary of the Angels Anglican Church in Hollywood, CA. on entering into  full communion with the Catholic Church with the historic Anglican Ordinariate offered by Pope Benedict XVI. (Note: Sound is a bit muffled in the first half. It clears up after that).  Speakers were Father Christopher Phillips of Our Lady of Atonement Catholic Church in San Antonio, Texas, the first Anglican Use parish within the Catholic Church and Father William Bower of St Columba’s Anglican Church (Traditional Anglican Communion) in Lancaster, CA.  This enlightening discussion covered what we know so far about the Ordinariate, the theology behind unity with the Catholic Church, the possibilities, difficulties, and other related areas of interest.

Part 2: Fr Phillips and Canon Bower discuss the need for reunion with the Catholic Church and why the Continuum isn’t a permanent home:

Part 3: Fr Phillips and Canon Bower discuss the mechanics of the Ordinariate, the Liturgy, evangelistic opportunities, corporate life among member parishes and the local Diocese.



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