Fr John Hogan: New Beginnings

29 11 2010

Fr John Hogan comments on the forthcoming Ordinariate in the UK:

Things are gathering pace with the foundation of the first Ordinariates for former Anglicans.  Just last week the Bishops of England and Wales, no doubt prompted by the Holy Father’s words to them during his recent visit to the UK, announced the first would be established in January.  In the same month five Anglican bishops will be received into full communion, bringing with them, according to reports, fifty Anglican priests and hundreds of laymen and women.  So it is all about to begin.  Who will be appointed Ordinary has yet to be seen.  Will the Ordinary be a bishop?  Again, yet to be seen.   Those ex-Anglican clergy who wish to be ordained Catholic priests can apply to Rome, and those who are accepted will be ordained around Pentecost – they will serve the Ordinariate.  We must accompany them with our prayers.  Our Lady must be filled with great joy to see her children returning to full communion with the Church.  I have no doubt Our Lady of Walsingham has been interceding with her Son for these days.

On this topic, Damian Thompson has drawn my attention to Bishop Andrew Burnham’s final homily as an Anglican bishop.  It is a beautiful, poignant piece of writing, revealing his deep faith and his personal struggle.   According to Damian, at the end of the service Bishop Burnham laid his mitre and crozier at the feet of Our Lady.  Touching and impressive, but also symbolic – he has laid aside his position in the Church of England and his living, including his income and security, to enter into full communion with the Church (take note cradle Catholics who take things for granted!).   […]  As one commenter on a blog said, it is a pity more Catholic bishops and priests do not preach as well as this.  Indeed!  As I have said before, I think in Andrew Burnham’s entry into full communion and, hopefully, his ordination to the priesthood, we are getting a gem.