Archbishop Nichols comments on Ordinariate developments

29 11 2010

From Rome Reports video:

On the Archbishop of Canterbury: “It is his [Rowan Williams’s] nobility of spirit that indicates to people what is good about the Ordinariate as a response. And I think we ought to pay attention to the words of Pope Benedict, when he sees in the Ordinariate an opportunity for us two churches to discover in practice what shared patrimony we have”.

On the ongoing process: “Sometime in the New Year, and the first comparatively small group of communities of Anglicans with their priests will begin to join the Ordinariate in a process that will take place between January and Pentecost”.

On links with Newman: “He [Newman] took up again with his friends in the church of England, as we do today, that we are friends with fellow bishops in the Church of England and in need together we have a single mission of proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus in our country”.