Ordinariate Watch: Report on Bishop John Broadhurst’s Farewell Mass

28 11 2010

From Ordinariate Watch, a blog bringing news of Ordinariate developments in London:

Christ the King Festival at Christ the King, Gordon Square

This mass has been a regular diary engagement since London forward in Faith organised the first festival of Christ the King at S.Paul’s Cathedral in 1995.  However, in 2010 a packed church gathered to say thank you to Bishop John and Judi.  In his last public engagement the Bishop preached and presided at the Mass.  He was presented with a (VERY large) bottle of malt whiskey, a cut glass decanter and Judi was given flowers and a bottle of port.  Representatives from the dioceses of London, Southwark and Rochester were present as well as people from further away who travelled to express their heartfelt thanks and sorrow at his resignation.  The church was full – a wonderful tribute.