Rocco Palmo on Cardinal Levada at the Consistory

20 11 2010

From Whispers in the Loggia:

Likewise of interest to the English-speaking world, Levada highlighted Anglicanorum coetibus — the Holy See’s effort to accede to the requests for full communion from groups of Anglicans — confirming that the first Ordinariate for those taking up the offer would be established in England.

Along those lines, earlier today a timetable for the new structure’s set-up — authoritatively viewed as the “model” for all the others to be created in the Anglosphere — was released by the bishops of England and Wales at the close of their weeklong plenary in Leeds.

According to it, as expected, the five Anglican bishops who’ve announced their resignations to swim the Tiber will be ordained to the diaconate and priesthood “prior to Lent.” The 50-some priests likewise making the journey are expected to be ordained for Rome sometime “around Pentecost,” with the faithful to be received into the church during the Easter Triduum.



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