Fr David Elliott: News, news, news

19 11 2010

Fr David Elliott at the Most Holy Trinity, Reading, has published these comments on today’s events:

As posted earlier today, the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales has published the timetable for the establishment of the British Ordinariate next year. This generous provision owes much to the bishops here in Great Britain, and also to the CDF in Rome. Some people have obviously been very busy. 

There has also been an announcement that the RC dioceses have put aside a quarter of a million pounds for the venture. This is generous, though of course among 30 or 40 groups will be enough just to get them going. There will have to be a great emphasis on giving in the ordinariate if those groups are to be sustained. There will need to be a big push on fundraising to endow priests’ posts as soon as the ordinariate is properly established.

Elsewhere there have been reports again that some 50 clergy will join the ordinariate. The exact number remains to be seen, though if ’50’ is being quoted then that probably means that there will be ‘at least’ 50 in the first wave in early 2011. Who knows what will happen once these groups are established. My guess is that the ordinariate will prove to be a great thing for both the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England in local contexts. For the Roman Catholic Church it will provide more collaboration and priests, and for the Church of England it will act as an aid to much needed pastoral reorganisation in many deaneries. It seems perfectly right that RC and CoE authorities should be able to work together in the establishment of groups to mutual benefit, and Archbishops Williams and Nicholls should be congratulated on the way in which they have obviously worked so well together to facilitate the smooth start of the ordinariate. Gold stars all round?