Vatican Radio: Rowan Williams on the Ordinariate

18 11 2010

Dr Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, has been interviewed by Vatican Radio.  The interview is well worth listening to here.  Here is an excerpt from the Vatican Radio report, which is available here.  He talks at some length about the Ordinariate.

Asked to comment on Pope Benedict’s description of the Ordinariate as a ‘prophetic gesture’, he replied, “Well I think if the Ordinariate helps people evaluate Anglican legacy or patrimony, well and good, I’m happy to praise God for it. I don’t see it as an aggressive act, meant to destabilise the relations of the Churches and it remains to be seen just how large a movement we’re talking about. But prophetic? Maybe yes, in the sense that here is the Roman Catholic Church saying there are ways of being Christian in the Western church which are not restricted by historic Roman Catholic identity – that’s something we can talk about.



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