FT: A N Wilson with Archbishop Vincent Nichols

16 11 2010

A. N. Wilson has an interview with Archbishop Vincent Nichols at the Financial Times website, here.

“I still feel it worth trying to get to grips with whether Vincent Nichols, like his predecessors, hopes or believes that we all should submit to the Pope. The Pontiff has, after all, set up an “ordinariate” so that members of the Church of England who do not like women priests can join the Roman Catholics en masse. (Shortly after we meet, five bishops of the Church of England do take up the Pope’s offer, and will convert.)I begin by asking about women priests. Many Roman Catholic friends tell me they see nothing wrong with the ordination of women – indeed, that they would welcome it in their church. Archbishop Nichols takes a rather different view – one that is not merely old-fashioned but practically Bronze Age in its pre-feminism: “A Catholic understanding of priesthood is so strongly rooted in the historic actions of Jesus and in all their antecedents in the place of sacrifice in life. And those things … they are rooted to the role of the man. You know, in some ways, the celibacy tradition goes back to the tribe of Levi and, certainly, sacrifice and the notion of sacrifice. In the Old Testament, the shedding of blood was for a man to perform. It was not for the woman, who gave life.”



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